Colin Higginson



Personal Development and Career Coach


“Colin deftly helped me to increase focus and self confidence, conveying a genuine interest and excitement at, my developing prospects.”

I am a Bristol-based qualified Relational Dynamics coach and facilitator and I trained with Rd1st coaching specialists.  My training specialised on coaching within the creative sector and was supported by an- The Artists Information Company. 


As well as my coaching skills, I bring my history of working with creative individuals and arts organisations throughout the UK and internationally.

I am a practicing artist, qualified Art Therapist and teacher and have worked in the health service, in education and in the arts for the past twenty five years. I currently work from my studio at Spike Island Artspace and am the director of the arts organisation Art in Motion (AIM). I am an Associate Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs (SSE)



I can offer you my experience and deep understanding of the arts and its unique opportunities as well as its challenges. I will bring my creativity and sense of curiosity about you and your work to your coaching sessions to help you find the best path.